Sneakers Are Back!

Sneakers have always been popular.  People wait hours on lines for new releases and interesting collaborations. They have always been part of streetwear and casual wear. This year, however, sneakers are becoming high fashion. I am not the only person who has discovered this ongoing and comfortable trend. In-style Magazine and even Vogue has noticed. 

Rihanna wearing white sneakers with a ball gown

Celebrities with sneaker endorsements have been taken this trend to a whole new level. Stars like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Frank Ocean and Kristen Stewart have combined formal wear with sneakers and who can complain? Men and women cry out that formal shoes can be uncomfortable and although the sleek look is always in, now so is comfort.

Slip-on checkered Vans

The trend started out with slip-on sneakers. They are in fact sneakers but without laces and with different material options the sneakers become a formal shoe. Low cut sneakers with simple to no patterns have always had this essence of classy style but it was never paired with a suit or a skirt and blouse set.

Air Max 97 Ultra ’17

That was then this is now. Vans has become the leader in this trend. High-top, low-top classic and slip-on checkered Vans are the go-to shoe for any occasion so it seems. Comfort is taking over, so go out and continue the sneaker movement!


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