Hidden NYC – South African Cuisine

It is now 3:20 PM. The date is March 6th. The year, 2017. We’ve tried Chinese hot pot (and loved it), we’ve tried eating pastries in the presence of gnomes while sitting in a garden, heck we’ve even succumbed to eating out of elevators on this blog, but today I am taking us back to the motherland, ‘Mama Africa!’ I have wanted to try genuine African cuisine for ages, but I was unaware of any restaurants in New York City that offered the real deal. While walking along 26th street I happened to run into B&B West African Restaurant and decided to give it a try. 


The selection was wide, but I was drawn to the foods I had never tried before. I ordered the jerk kuku (jerk chicken), pilau rice (brown rice), potato leaf sauce, coconut water, lettuce and broken rice with peanut sauce. As soon as I took a bite of my broken rice and potato leaf sauce, all I could say was “nampenda mtu!!” (Swahili for “I am in love”). Delicious does not even cut it. Everything tasted amazing, but I was skeptical about trying the jerk chicken. You see, I am from a Jamaican background and we Jamaicans prize ourselves on our Jerk Chicken – we really do! I applauded B&B for their tasty rices and savory sauces, but I severely lowered my expectations on the Jerk Chicken; then I took one bite of that tasty delight and I couldn’t speak. I dropped my fork and tears came to my eyes because I had to send my sister this text:


 To this day, my mom believes they have a Jamaican hiding out in that kitchen somewhere (she’s in denial).

 Je, mimi kama zaidi? (so, what did I like most about my experience?)

  1.  The meals fall under $10 –   Eating good on a college student budget? Check!
  2. B&B African Cuisine is open 24/7 – You know, just in case you’re craving curry kuku (curry chicken) at 4 a.m
  3. You can immerse yourself in a different culture right here in NYC.
  4. The food is delicious and the selection is wide.

 If you are big on décor, then you might be a  bit disappointed in B&B, but when it come to taste and food quality – this is definitely the place. Will I be returning for more? You betcha!

B&B African Restaurant

Address: 165 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001

Phone: (646) 429-8174

Hours: Open 24 hours

Attire: Casual