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All my friends know the secret way to my heart is through bakery doors. Can I please tell you how much I love bakeries? Creamy cheesecakes, fluffy warm bagels topped with melting butter, sweet cakes sprinkled with all sorts of yummy deliciousness! You get the jist. I’ve been to many bakeries, but I had never heard about Mama’s Backyard Café. I was hyped about visiting this brand new bakery, even more so when I learned about its secret twist. I grabbed my friend (because who wants to stuff their face with cake alone? ) and we set out on the 7 train.


When we arrived in front of the bakery, I pressed my face into the window. There were cookies, donuts, carrot cakes and cheesecakes, coffee, pies, candies in cute little jars and other heavenly treats.


We ordered three cakes: a chocolate cheesecake, a crumble cake and a carrot cake which we decided to share. After tasting the chocolate cheesecake I immediately fell in love, it was definitely my favorite of the three pastries.  We added two cannolis and a pair of steamy hot cocoas to our order. The cannolis were not my favorite, but the cakes and the hot chocolate were to die for. The cake slices range from around $3-$4, while the pastries run $2-$3. If pastries and hot cocoa aren’t your thing don’t worry, Mama’s Backyard Cafe offers a wide variety of sandwiches, soups, salads, ice cream and milkshakes. The cafe also carries a selection of different teas, coffee, lemonade and other cold drinks.


Photo Credit : The Dayfarer

In addition to the tasty treats, the bakery staff was warmhearted and caring. One of the managers was kind enough to let me look around the café,  which included a sort of “secret” backdoor garden. This garden, open during the warmer months, displays a beautiful running fountain and  a cute little gnome collection. It is a beautiful backyard patio you can take your girlfriend or boyfriend during the warmer months. Once you enter the bakery, this garden patio is straight to the back, through the little side door on the right *shh don’t tell anyone!*


If you would prefer not to eat outside, there is an indoor cafe style eating area, next to all the yummy treats and a very homey seating area in the far back. The combination of tasty food, hospitable service and amazing decor truly made me feel like I was at “mama’s” house.



4610 104th St
Flushing, NY
Phone: (718) 565-9104
Attire: Casual
Directions: Take the 7 train to 103 St – Corona Plaza


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