2018-2019 Contributors:

Sunmbul Ahmed

Politics Are Personal

Sunmbul is a passionate and strong minded individual who is not afraid to speak up. She enjoys advocating for basic human rights and promoting equality and learning of new cultures and identities—all while being a homebody! She is a Muslim American and first generation immigrant major in accounting and economics. She loves writing and painting, and basically anything that lets creativity peak through. Her ultimate dream is to be a published author and work in an organization that serves the community.

Paul DeFilippo


Paul DeFilippo hates talking about himself, but continues to do so for reasons unknown. Paul is a double major in Drama/Theatre and English, and is the current Treasurer of the Queens College Theatre Guild. As an actor, he has appeared in a number of Queens College productions, including Twelfth Night, Damn Yankees!, and The Last Days of Judas Iscariot. He previously blogged for QC Voices 16-17 under the topic "Hip Hop & Media" and still retains his affection for hip hop music, although he has since developed an appreciation for musical theatre cast recordings and, strangely enough, heartland rock.

Alyssa Perez

Environmentally Woke

Alyssa is a Bronx native who loves the natural world. Currently a senior at Queens College, she is wrapping up her BA in Environmental Studies. A mom and an activist, she's enthusiastic about motivating others to think green, connect with nature, and live sustainably. She spends much of her time in the outdoors, meditating, with loved ones, reading, or learning something new. Her written work focuses on environmental awareness and humanity's role in sustainability.

Rhea Tepp

Our Digital Selves

Rhea is a second year researcher in the QC MA Media Studies program, a self-published zine creator, musician and co-organizer of L.A. Zine Fest. Rhea’s focus on media studies is personal, political and intersectional.  The messages of the bands she performs in (Sister Mantos & San Cha) are anti-colonialist queer stories, fighting against white supremacy through imagined post-capitalist utopias.  She is grateful to be participating as a writer for QC Voices and hopes to utilize this platform to explore the complexities of our developing digital identities.

Salvatore Asaro

Student Activism

What inspires a student to take up a cause? The reason may be different for each of us, but what we share is a common ambition to learn and exercise agency. This column showcases students organizing change in their communities.

Salvatore has a BA in American Studies and Studio Art and is now pursuing his Biology MA. His research is in plant evolution and conservation. He is coordinator of QC’s 2018 Participatory Budgeting process, through which projects were designed, funded, and chosen by the student body in a direct democratic vote. He is interested in how community informs sustainability.

Margaret Capozzoli-Cavota

(Un)Popular Music

Maggie C. is an English Major and regularly invokes the spirit of Paul Simon in order to listen to and critique music. These seances include debates on chord structure, lyrics, and mediating on musics place in the world (or rather, the worlds place in the greater scheme of the thing called Music.) With a penchant for long-winded metaphors and a broken messenger bag she can be seen running across campus to yet another creative writing class on the mysterious 6th floor of Kiely Hall. This is her first semester blogging for QC Voices. She is a Macualay Honors student who tutors English and writes/records utter nonsense (musical and otherwise) when she's not busy typing up yet another overly verbose essay even her professors probably don't want to read. 

Rafena Mustapha

Everyday CS Concepts

Rafena is a senior at Queens College majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics. She is an International Student who welcomes all new experiences. Her interests are eclectic, and she disagrees with the opinion that Math-inclined people do not appreciate Literature. In fact, she dreams of becoming a writer someday. To jump-start this pursuit, she endeavors to explain how seemingly esoteric Computer Science topics are actually present in our everyday lives.

Megan Montague


Megan Montague is a writer, critic, and graduate student based in Queens, NY. She is suspicious of words like "literary" and "genre" and is probably, more than likely, daydreaming at this very moment.She writes poems that aren’t very poetic and literary criticism that is a little too poetic. She is currently working on a collection of fairy-tale slave narratives.

Hadassah Schneider


Hadassah is a writer and spoken word poet from NYC. She is a passionate and strong-minded individual who enjoys advocating for  social justice. She is a sophomore at Queens College majoring in Media Studies. She loves debating politics and law and hopes to become a lawyer. Hadassah can usually be found hiding in her room — either writing, listening to music, or binge watching Supernatural.

Nadia Misir

Citizen Queens

Nadia Misir was raised near the elevated tracks of the A train in a neighborhood that is often columbused by The New York Times. She writes about intimacy, grief and the way histories of oppression reveal themselves in unexpected, mundane and intimate moments. A marigold thief, her hope is to write from the intersection of Audre Lorde’s “Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power” and her experience growing up in Richmond Hill as a Guyanese poet of Indian descent. She is a former Asian American Writers' Workshop Open City fellow. Her writing has been published in Open City Magazine, No, Dear Mag, and Kweli Journal. Follow her on Instagram for basic insomnia poetry about bad break ups and barista crushes @nuancednadia.

Zeli M.


Zeli is a first year playwriting student in the QC MFA in Creative Writing & Literary Translation program. Recent works have appeared as readings at LaMaMa in the East Village, as well as a production at SoHo Playhouse as part of the 2016 NYCFringe Festival. Zeli owes everything to the multiplicitous depth of queerness. Despite attaining an undergraduate degree from The New School, real learning has always taken place in the subterranean, but not hidden, crevices of life where queerness shines. Zeli is excited to write about this continuous learning and experience for QC Voices.

Jordan Foresta

All Things Nerd

Jordan Foresta is an English major in his final year at Queens. He has spent this time trying
to convince students and faculty alike that playing hours and hours of video games totally
counts as academic research. Jordan is passionate about the application of literary criticism and theory to new media, and believes emphatically that video games deserve a place in the literary canon. His blog, All Things Nerd, is his place to sound off on the various aspects of the culture he's so deeply rooted in — from the tabletop gaming renaissance to why everyone should play Majora’s Mask at least once.

Jeffrey Cherubin

Nostalgia Critiqué

Jeffrey Cherubin is an English major at Queens College. He graduated from Nassau Community College (NCC) with an Associate's Degree in Creative Writing. At NCC, he was president of the Creative Writing Club. He has seen half of his work published in the club's annual literary journal LUNA and NCC's main student newspaper The Vignette. He is based in Long Island. Jeffrey's column's title "Nostalgia Critiqué" is play on his favorite Youtube reviewer Nostalgia Critic (real name Doug Walker). Like him, Jeffrey explores how television, films, video games, sports, and books evoke such comfortable and wistful feelings, with particular attention to the way nostalgia emanates differently from each genre. 

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