A Little Rebellion Never Hurt Nobody

The 2018 midterm elections hit an all time high in terms of voter turnout. The New York Times had estimated that there would be a larger population of Democrats voting in comparison to Republican. However this stopped being about political parties quite a while back. The divide doesn’t lie just between the wealthy and working class—it’s a divide between American values. The blue wave flipped thirty-seven house seats, giving Democrats control after almost a decade. Many red states were a close call, including Texas, where Beto O’Rourke lost by less than 2%—a loss, yes, but one promising a bright future in the 2020 presidential elections.

I’m particularly ecstatic about the numerous women elected this midterm election!

Kristi Noem—First female governor of South Dakota

Marsha Blackburn—First female senator of Tennessee

Deb Haaland—First Native American women elected in New Mexico

Sharice David—First Native American elected in Kansas

Rashida Talib—First Muslim woman elected in the House of Representatives

Ilhan Omar—First Muslim woman elected in the House of Representatives

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Abby Finkenauer—Both at twenty-nine, the youngest to be elected to the House of Representatives

Veronica Escobar—First Latina Woman to represent Texas in congress

Sylvia Garcia—First Latina Woman to represent Texas in congress

Jahana Hayes—First woman of color elected to represent Connecticut

Ayanna Pressley—First woman of color elected to represent Massachusetts

Kyrsten Sinema—First female senator of Arizona and first openly bisexual person to serve in congress

Though women still represent only 19.5% of House of Representative, it’s progress, nonetheless. Not only for women, but for people of color, people of all faiths, and people of all sexual orientations. I changed my major half way into college from Pre-Law to Accounting because I didn’t see people like me in political fields. It was my passion, but my chances of success seemed slim. I hope the young girls in high school, and junior high are paying attention to the change and don’t feel limited due to their personal differences. Now they know, and I know, and we know—one spark starts a fire, and we are burning this patriarchy down.



The air we breathe has been polluted

with carbon dioxide

and the dying breaths

of gun violence victims

who we keep saying were “too young”

Some of us have our lungs filled with water

from the oceans we have crossed

while others don’t have the privilege of water at all

Our backs ache

from carrying this country forward

and walking

Our ear drums have ripped

from the screams of our children

Our minds are weak

from playing games that are rigged

and we are tired of letting the cheaters win

Because you see

if we combine our crumbs, it’s a feast

and if we each lift a stone

then we can raise mountains

and if we take the first step

we can start a revolution.