A few Questions for Casey

Name: Casey

Age: 23

Year: Master’s Program (Teacher certification in English)

From: Valley Stream

Currently Lives: Valley stream

Number of siblings: Three

Birth order: Second Oldest


Earliest Memory: Sister throwing my favorite doll across the room and breaking it

Languages Spoken: Spanish, Italian (Sicilian Dialect), some Greek

Countries traveled to:

Greece, spent a while there

Two countries you wish you could go to:

Italy and Spain

Books and movies that have made you cry:

The Road (the book), Any movie, I’m a crybaby

Favorite spot in NYC:

Strand’s Book Store

TV shows: Just list them

Bob’s burger’s, Better Call Saul, South Park, a lot of trash TV, like “real world Mob wives”, I’m a professional Netflix Marathoner


If you’re really bored what’s you’re go to place on the internet?

Tumblr, Reddit

Lets say you know you will live till 80. Would you give  up two years of your life for one day on the moon?

Yea, I would do that in a second

All Holden in “The Catcher in the Rye” wants to do is stop kids from falling off a cliff. If you could have any job,assuming all salaries for every job are equal, what would you want to do? why?

I would like to teach kids soccer. I love doing it.

If you were starting a country from scratch, what are some of the laws you would make?

I would make sure men and women and everyone were equal, and somehow try to enforce that.

If you could relive one day, which would it be?

Can I change the outcome of that day?

What’s the example?

I tore my ACL playing soccer and it knocked me out of competitive play. Can I go back and not tear my ACL? Because I would be in a different place right now if I had not torn it.

Who is one person, or type of person, that you really respect for what they do?

I respect high school teachers. After I got into the classroom and started teaching, It’s a different monster, to handle those kids.

Do you believe in God(s)? A sort of life force you couldn’t actually describe if your life depended on it?  what are your views on the statement “I believe in god but not organized religion”?

Loaded Question. I believe in science, and as to the statement, I’m not going to fight with them, because they’re just against the corporation rather than the religion

Who would you say are the top five best looking celebrities/models?

Nicholas Bateman, Christiano Ronaldo, Amanda Torrez, Jeniffer Lawrence, Alex Morgan

Would you let a guy pay for you on a date / would you insist on paying for the date? why?

First date, I’d let the guy pay. Second date, if i liked him, I’d offer to pay becuase i like things to be fair.

Would you expect him to, would you be upset f he didn’t?

Nah, I make my own money, I don’t mind paying for myself.

A morbid, dark question. A genie appears and tells you that you have a choice. You can either choose to live in solitary confinement in prison for the rest of your life or five people you don’t know and will never hear about instantly  die. Which would you choose and why?

Obviously the latter. I know how messed up it sounds, but people die all the time. I know I sound like a terrible person. I’m already a nut, In solitary confinement I’d go even crazier