An Open Letter to Moderate Republicans


Dear “moderate” Republicans asking for a “moderate” Democratic nominee, 

You had your chance. Four years ago. You blew it. 

It’s not up to Democratic voters to make sure that you have someone to vote for in November. If you really are a “Never Trump”-er then you’ll vote for the Democratic nominee no matter what. If you’re willing to “hold your nose” and vote for Trump over Sanders, that’s your choice, but don’t blame the Democrats. 

People like David Brooks expect the Democrats to offer up a nominee they’d be able to “tolerate.” If you want to have a say in who becomes the nominee for the Democratic party then you should have changed your party affiliation. It’s not hard. 

The choice to remain a registered Republican is on you. Why do registered Democrats have to vote for someone that makes you happy? 

You didn’t think of nominating a “moderate” Republican in 2016. 


You nominated the looniest candidate possible. And then you voted him into office. 

Don’t foist the responsibility for that terrible decision on us. You don’t get to hold the rest of us hostage now.  

At this point it seem unlikely to happen, but if the choice comes down to Bernie Sanders vs. Donald Trump and the self-proclaimed “moderate” Republicans vote for Trump then they don’t actually care about Republican values and Democracy, despite what they claim on Twitter and in New York Times Op-eds. 

I know that a lot of people don’t like Sanders. I’m not the biggest fan of him myself. But I still think he’s the obvious choice if it comes down to him or Trump.

Trump is not a moderate. And right now the question we are all asking ourselves is this: will a moderate beat Trump? Or will a moderate crumble under Trump’s crazy rhetoric and ability to whip people into a frenzy? That is a question registered Democrats get to answer, since we’re the ones picking a candidate.

And don’t make the argument about “electability.” No one thought Trump was electable. Yet, here we are. 

Either way, take a good long look in the mirror. Maybe do some soul searching. The country shouldn’t have to thank you, or pander to you, for doing what many see as the objectively correct thing to do in the first place.

One thought on “An Open Letter to Moderate Republicans

  1. Four years ago, the Democratic presidential candidate was not a moderate Democrat. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a far-left socialist at the very least. So the premise of your whole argument is faulty.

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