Ruminations on Childhood and Adulthood–aka If I Could Go Back, I Probably Would

"wo0Kz" by Brad Arnold is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

I couldn’t tell time until the fourth grade. Don’t even get me started on long division. I was not even a student with potential. I stalled the class. I was infamous for needing that extra shove to graze mediocrity. Granted, I was an incredibly lazy child. While my siblings recited multiplication problems, I idly gnawed […]

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Viral Memes in a Time of Quarantine 

Over the past three weeks I’ve used memes like an optic salve. Sometimes they soothe, inducing laughter, bringing a necessary emotional release. Other times memes deliver a brief sting—the truth buried within their healing properties can go deep.   During this quarantime, I am grateful for the selective surroundings I’ve curated on my social media. I see friends uplifting the voices of immunocompromised folks who have been organizing mutual […]

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Attempting to Explain Idleness

“Perhaps, most simply, idleness is reserved contemplation through the tranquilizing of productive and unproductive time.” I am productive. I like to think so. I must be working toward something, or I will feel defective. Rather, I must be validated by a finished-product, the thought of incompletion knots under my skin. I have this recurring dream […]

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