Life (and Business) After Death: Why Rappers Don’t Die Like the Rest of Us

J. Cole once rapped “Everybody Dies.” As usual, J.Cole was wrong. The hip hop world has something to be angry about, and it’s more serious than Nicki Minaj’s lackluster response to Remy Ma. Alabama rapper Doe B is in the news. Which is surprising, considering he’s been dead for three years. Doe B, an up-and-coming rapper who […]

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My Top Three Books for Quantitative Thinking

In many a high school math class, one student raises his hand and asks, “Why do we need to know this?”

Sometimes a teacher responds, “Because math teaches you how to think.”

Leaving the strengths and weaknesses of that answer aside, let’s talk about some books that can teach you something about how to think.

You won’t see many topics from your high school math classes in these books. but all of them deal with quantitative concepts. What’s more, all have helped me understand the world more clearly.

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Shhhh! Chinatown Off Beaten Paths

Chinatown has long been the frequent for many New Yorkers and tourists. Today, let us venture forth into Chinatown’s off beaten paths. Alleyways, bakeries, backstreets and yes, a store that only sells chopsticks. 1. Yunhoung’s Chopsticks (50 Mott Street, Chinatown) Chopsticks, chopsticks everywhere! If you love eating with chopsticks (as I do) you’ll find Yunhoung’s […]

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Everyone is Responding to “shEther”… Except Nicki Minaj

Rare footage of Nicki Minaj listening to “shEther” image credit: Eva Rinaldi It’s been well-publicized that Nicki Minaj’s career might have ended this week. Then again, she was also pregnant last month. Nicki has managed her way around several public beefs in the past. She dismissed longtime nemesis Lil’ Kim with one of the most-scathing […]

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