Lessons From Go Fish

On a family vacation in the Rocky Mountains, my siblings decided to play Go Fish. My brother made a rule: if anyone gets dealt three of the same card (like three 8’s), return your cards and shuffle the deck. My hunch was that a triple isn’t actually so rare. So what are the actual odds of getting a triple if the deck is shuffled randomly? How would you go about figuring that out?

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Trees, Dictionaries, Pickles, and Loops: Part I

There is a popular conception of “computer people” as tinkerers – people messing with wires and green chips and silver parts. Or, alternatively, as Hollywood-style hackers, pounding on a keyboard in a dark room, surrounded by beeps and blinking lights.

Math doesn’t usually come to mind when we think about computer science. In reality, the two fields have an incredibly close relationship.

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