Epic. piano. pieces.

My friend Abram Korsunsky had his recital this past Monday and it was quite amazing. He memorized ALL his music and I gotta say it was pretty epic. Two of the most epic pieces on the program were Brahms’ Variation on a Theme by Paganini (you know it’s going to be epic when you see the name Paganini) and Chaconne in d minor by Bach-Busoni. In both these pieces his fingers moved like I’ve never seen before. They were legit moving so fast that it just look like blurred fingers (specifically in the Brahms).

The Brahms’ Variations keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting and wanting for some amazing piano technical mastery.  The theme is also so dramatic and conquering, that it would be hard for a good piano player to make it not epic.

Then there was the Bach. Ugh, the Bach! The piece starts with a simple yet intense and heavy subject which drives the whole piece. It drives the piece to such wide range of epicness. The excessive use of the low register is really what gives me the chills when I listened to this piece…and the fact that it feels like its going to end several times through out the piece but it doesn’t, the main subject just comes back and says “sike!”