Ibrahim Maalouf

So I recently found a great new artist to listen to. His music is a mix of balkan and jazz. What a perfect combination of genres for the heavy brass music of Ibrahim Maalouf. He’s an Arabic trumpet player/composer who lives in France. So there is a great mélange of culture that also comes out in his music (he seems to offer everything i love!) I have only listened to one album, Diagnostic, but it’s fabulous.

There’s this song which starts off with a heroic balkan tune. The tune then eases from balkan style to a Latin feel which brings a bright new flavor to the song. Take a listen:

Another of my favorite songs from this album, is Will soon be a Woman. Starts off with a soothing piano and then the main dancing melody repeats over and over that is so hard not to get it in your bones and in your head for the rest of the day or night.

A last taste of Diagnostic by Maalouf, is the song which features a francophone hip hop artist, Oxmo Puccino…


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