Le Petit Pepinot

Le Petit Pepinot is the name of my small instrument band I formed with my best friends from the Aaron Copland School of Music. The instrumentation consists of a toy piano, melodica, ukulele, cello (acting as the bass) and small percussion like doumbek (middle eastern drum) and the rik (egyptian tambourine). Our influences vary, from Yann Tiersen to Manu Chao to Mum to Silvio Rodriguez to Beirut… So far all the originals are written by moi and I’ve been arranging most of the covers we do. This semester I want to start getting more gigs and recordings of pur songs, our first attempt to that is creating a facebook page!



I’ve also created a soundcloud, a website where we can post our recordings (so far we’ve recorded them ourselves with a ZOOM device so excuse us if the recording isn’t great) so you can get a hint of what we’re like!

Listen and LIKE us on facebook if you dig our style! 🙂