first transcription of the year!

2013, the year I’m supposed to be graduating in but…NOT. Double majoring is a lot more work than I thought it was going to be..However I am basically done with my music degree so I will be having my own recital (for the first time ever!!). I am super excited for it! I plan on doing half of the recital solo singing and the other half performing with my band, Le Petit Pepinot!

So during this long break, I want to figure out what songs I will do and transcribe/compose some new ones. I am currently transcribing a song by one of my favorite bands, A Hawk and A Hacksaw. I think it will sound great on the petite instruments of my bands: toy piano, cello (a petite bass in my eyes), melodica. I will also need some musique concréte, which is a fancy name for recorded sounds of the outside world (something I learned in Music History this past semester! yay!) and I will incorporate the clarinet as well for a more full sounding band.

Here’s the song, may your ears enjoy what they hear: