Women Empowerment and Coldplay

As my last post with QC Voices, I thought I would end on a note that summarized what I’m all about. I love to write, I always have something to say, I’m politically active, I always have something to say, I like to sing, and I care very much about empowering women. For those of you that attended, QC Voices sponsored an open-mic café where writers and creators got together to enjoy and read some of their work. I shared a poem that I had been planning to use with the song you can listen to below.

I was inspired to write this poem after speaking to my aunt about some of the hardship she has experienced as a woman growing up in Romania and immigrating to the U.S. We were both very emotional the night we stayed up talking about what it’s like to be a woman, and the way I deal with overwhelming feelings is to write. I think the poem speaks for itself, as does the rendition.


I’m told not to take…
too much space,
too much power,
from Men.

I figure I’m stronger,
So I silence myself.
I speak through my eyes,
I sing in whispers,
I cry in the darkness.

I cry for my mom,
my aunt,
my cousin,
my sister,
my best friend,

I cry because we endure,
Because we fight,
Because we give up,
Because WE get BACK UP.

I’m tired,
Tired of dulling my light,
Of keeping silent,
Of speaking softly,
Of hiding in the shadows.

So now,
For my mom, my aunt, my cousin, my sister, my best friend, myself….

Thank you all for watching, listening, reading and interacting throughout the years. This is my last post with QC Voices, but not my last post blogging. I will soon be creating my own site where I will be posting regularly about life outside of school, as well as politics – I never stop caring.

Thank you for everything.

With love,


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