What Do You Care About? (Part II)

Meet Nik:

He’s a senior at Queens College majoring in Neuroscience and Biology. He’s probably one of the most likeable people you’ll ever meet: perfectly willing to express his humanness. Humanness, as in the ability to show who one truly is.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that he starts to get a little nervous when I bring up the word politics. Some of you may find that normal, but if you’re like me, you’re asking why. Why is it that people feel disconnected from politics? Is it because they believe it does not directly affect them?

After interviewing a couple of students and blindsiding them with the question: “well what about politics? Why didn’t you mention caring about politics and our government” I started to realize where the real problem lay.  Not enough students feel like they have a space where they can talk about politics openly without their judgement and intelligence being challenged. But can there be a safe space

So this is where I ask you: do you think it is possible for a college to create a place for students to openly discuss politics, and is this something that you would want?