While Cruz’s Booger and Trump’s Dick Get the Spotlight

In case you haven’t heard about this, three things happened, two of which are disgusting and absolutely ridiculous. If you don’t know what I’m talking about: Cruz’s booger and Trump’s dick.

Let’s all take a moment to think about how the world views us right about now… yeah, don’t worry, I’ve also been researching how I can move to Canada if Trump wins.

My first issue with Trump is that he is making a complete joke of the U.S. political system and our country. Second, he has no experience in office and his experience in the business world boils down to “you’re fired”. Need I say more?

Besides the obvious issues with Trump, he’s sidelining important issues that we all should be concerned about. I read in the New York Times this week that while Republicans were discussing penis size, the world hit the 2 degree celsius threshold. Haven’t heard about this?

Oh, but what news? This week has been one of the warmest weeks of March in New York City than we have experienced in awhile. Spring in early March? Has anyone heard of that for the Northeast?

The answer should be a resounding no.

Update, March 12, 2016: Data released Saturday from NASA confim that February 2016 was not only the warmest month ever measured globally, at 1.35 degrees Celsius above the long-term average—it was more than 0.2 degrees Celsius warmer than the previously most unusually warm month ever measured: January 2016. The new NASA data confirms unofficial data released earlier this month showing a dramatic and ongoing surge in the planet’s temperature—if anything, that data, upon which the previous versions of this post were based, were an underestimate.”

What does that even mean? Basically, our planet’s temperature is rising even faster than we would’ve hoped. So to the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY: get your shit together, it’s time to make policies and make legitimate change because we are basically out of time. Sure, maybe the scientists don’t have it down ‘to a T’, but why risk having our world implode and extinction of most animals, including our own species, if we have the ability to slow it down and possibly reverse it?

Our country is a mess.

So, Canada for U.S. President anyone?