My Most Anticipated Games of 2015 Countdown # 3

In the olden days of PlayStation 2, the games Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefront II offered some of the greatest multiplayer action available at the time.  Who wouldn’t want to relive the epic Star Wars films and hunt down Jedi as the immense force of the clone army, or track down Count Dooku on Geonosis as a Jedi master.  These games offered large playable areas with AI controlled enemies and teammates; a sort of multiplayer with AI.  They could have also been played against other people if you had an internet connection.  Both multiplayers were addicting and fun because they had vehicles and accurately-designed Star Wars environments.  The coolest feature, however, was the ability to have battles in space.  Neighboring star destroyers would lay in the vacuum of space surrounded by small ships and meteors while you and your squad mates would go to the hangar of your ship, grab a vessel and try to make it to the other teams hangar bay.  If you succeeded, you would have to make it to their destroyer’s core engine and other panels to destroy it from the inside, while your team would fly around and take out the engine from the outside.  How cool does that sound!!!

Now, while that game was all the fun you thought you could have playing a Star Wars game I still left it after a while to move on to other titles.  Fast forward to 2015 and here I am playing shooters that have destructible environments and great graphics like the game Battlefield 4, for example and unlike Star Wars Battlefront.  Battlefield 4 is known for destructibility of its environments and great graphics.  Why would I mention this game if it has nothing to do with a Star Wars game that came out on a different system and a decade before we even knew Battlefield 4 was coming out?  Well, the developer of Battlefield is DICE and their studios in Stockholm and Los Angeles are known for great games that allow players to feel like they are in the battles they are playing.  They aren’t known for great single player story arcs, but they are renowned for their great multiplayer shooters.

Last year, during EA’s E3 conference everyone was expecting new sports games and some cool new franchises, but the last thing they were expecting was the show to start off with a Star Wars Battlefront trailer.  I kid you not, the crowd went wild when I was watching the expo live on YouTube last summer.  The short minute and a half trailer revealed to the world that DICE was working on the reboot of Star Wars Battlefront franchise.  While we were still reeling in shock and excitement for the announcement from the first part of the trailer, the last part of the trailer showed some early in-engine footage of the game and it looks breathtakingly realistic.  Take a look for yourself because you have to see it to believe it!!!  If DICE can pull this game off without disappointing Battlefront’s original fan base, including myself, they may create the best shooter created after a movie series ever.

As always, thanks for the support and stay tuned for next weeks post for the number 2 spot on my countdown!


3 thoughts on “My Most Anticipated Games of 2015 Countdown # 3

  1. That opening paragraph brought back so many memories! I remember getting these discs filled with demos in the mail for my PS2, and that’s when I first came across Battlefront. I played that demo for countless hours with my brother before actually going out and getting the game. Such an awesome game! With DICE working on this, I don’t think it’s possible to develop enough hype for something so big. Absolutely hype to see just how pretty this game looks on the current gen…

    Yet another awesome blog post Antonio, keep em up!

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