Fashion Museums of Florence

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Florence is famous for its artisans and high-quality craftsmanship. The Oltrarno quarter across the Arno River is home to many workshops and boutiques. Many fashion designers source their materials, produce their garments, or base their operations in Florence. I’ve looked forward to visiting the museums I described here since I started thinking about studying abroad in Florence, […]

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Escape N.Y. or All Night Test Food Seoul Time

Awesome 24 hour Korean food with pachata booming through the walls from next door to keeo you awake to study

Escape N.Y. or All Night Test Food Seoul Time Chung Kiwa Omma Sonmat 青청기와한국요리식당에서 엄마손맛은 오래간만 only 12 bucks! — “… 姑娘是個明白人,沒聽見俗語說的『萬兩黃金 容易得,知心一個也難求?』」” …True hearts may journey further unafraid of the mystery of what THIS is or is not. It’s not easy finding a special place where you can be alone and shut out the world. […]

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