A Quick Guide to Kanye’s Annoying Week


(image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/30827420@N04/) If you’re one of the many Americans who were shocked after Hillary Clinton spectacularly lost the presidential election to a mango, you’re not alone. Macklemore was so traumatized he made a song about it, called “Wednesday Morning”. Granted, Macklemore is a friend of President Obama and previously made “American”, a satirical song about […]

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Political Correctness & ‘Islamic Terrorism’


My last post on political correctness examined the effects of herd mentality and discussed examples of political correctness and its intrusion on critical thinking. This is the second part to that post, but this one focuses on political correctness done in moderation where it isn’t an impediment to critical thinking. An instance of political correctness undertaken in moderation […]

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A Restaurant…… Inside A Loading Dock!?


Yes! You heard that right, a restaurant inside a loading dock. I don’t know who came up with the idea, but, it’s sure darn creative.  A couple blocks down from 34th street, sandwiched between a massive Dunkin’ Donuts and your run of the mill deli, sits little hole in the wall, El Sabroso. Now, I’ve traveled  to 34th street many […]

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Lessons From Go Fish


On a family vacation in the Rocky Mountains, my siblings decided to play Go Fish. My brother made a rule: if anyone gets dealt three of the same card (like three 8’s), return your cards and shuffle the deck. My hunch was that a triple isn’t actually so rare. So what are the actual odds of getting a triple if the deck is shuffled randomly? How would you go about figuring that out?

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