Writer-Shaming, Part 1: The Non-Issue of Ghostwriters


Kanye performing with a bunch of faceless ghosts behind him – wow, symbolism! (image credit: Flickr) On September 14th, rapper/singer/producer/actor/apparent Renaissance Man Kid Cudi was in a storm of feelings, and, like most people who have Twitter, he let his followers know it via a Twitter rant. Although most of his tweets consisted of empty boasting […]

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Why Harambe Will Never Die (And Other Things Millennials Used this Summer to Distract Themselves)


Ever look at a daunting list of things you had to do, get overwhelmed, and just binge watch Netflix instead? Yeah, we’ve all been there. And in a way, our generation is “there” in a larger sense, too. We’ve been handed a long list of issues to resolve from our predecessors, Gen X. And it’s […]

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