Ba(e)gels: Get Toasted at Bagel Shops Around Queens


Bagels are bae. I never really understood completely what bae means, but according to Urban Dictionary, its seems to be a good thing. Right…? Bagels are “before anyone/anything else.” Mainly because they’re a breakfast food, consumed before any other meal of the day. Secondly, because they are just so damned delicious and they make people happy. Or […]

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A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Tokyo 2003 Jaunt Journal Entry #2

Shinjuku campaign to get students

NOTICE!: Register for this great class people!!! Pau Pitarch Fernández Sensei New Course for Spring 2016! EAST 290 Topics in East Asian Studies: Japanese Science Fiction (Code 58457) Time: Monday 5:00pm–7:50pm. Location: Queens Hall 265H. In this course we will explore Japanese Science Fiction in literature and film (both anime and live-action), from the 1920s […]

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잃어버리고찾았습니다 Lost and Found: Korean Adoptees Explore Identity and Find Solace in Community

RCKC's Sixth Annual Conference, "Made in Korea, Assembled in the U.S.: Personal Narratives of Korean Adoptees," was held on Saturday, November 7, 2015 at the Rosenthal Library at Queens College.

My first hometown is New York City. My second hometown is Seoul— 나의두번제고향은소울입니다. I feel I can claim both cities and by extension the whole world: I’m a New Yorker, a Seoulite, and citizen of the world. I went to South Korea for the first time in October 1998. Although I didn’t plan on it, […]

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A Coffee by Any Other Name

Latte art

The Italians have a saying: caffe’ sigarett’– caga perfett’. Truthfully, the Italians have many sayings; the language is lyrical and the people and cultures of Italy, like those from anywhere in the world, cherish poetry and proverbial wisdom. But this little golden nugget of Mediterranean wisdom is special because it confronts many of us daily. Roughly […]

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¡Bienvenidos! To The Colombian Community of Jackson Heights, Queens

FullSizeRender-14 copy 2

Jackson Heights, Queens, is a super diverse neighborhood. There is the Hispanic community and the Indian and Tibetan community, which I wrote about in a previous post. I noticed, only after creating the list of places I want to talk about, that all of these places are actually Colombian. Therefore, today I’ll be talking about Colombian […]

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